Blogger Outreach: Tips for Success

Blogger outreach can be the perfect way to extend the reach of your content marketing campaign or promote an individual blog, and engage a number of communities and audiences online. Here are some helpful tips to help you get started. 


Blogger outreach


Here are just a few ways to maximise the impact of your blogger outreach. A blogger outreach strategy is a long term way of gaining amplification and influence. To maximise results you should therefore look to associate your brand or business to find topic-specific influencers who are trusted by your target audience.


Criteria to look at when deciding on bloggers to target include seoRank, mozDomain Strength, Weekly Post Frequency, Average Comments Per Post, Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes.


Foster ongoing relationships with bloggers


Keeping in regular touch with bloggers, such as asking for regular feedback and insights, will help to ensure that you establish an ongoing positive relationship, which will prove all the more helpful when you approach them for multiple campaigns.


Regularly refreshing your database of blogger contacts by sending out speculative emails will also mean that your blogger outreach resources aren’t exhausted. Personalising emails and praising a particular feature that you liked about their site, for example, will help to differentiate you from other companies/individuals that may contact them.


Use your social media presence to hunt out fresh talent


Look at the comments posted on your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ pages, as many may be from those who have blogs of their own. You can also start targeted discussions, and view attendee lists to identify whose interests reflect your needs.


Google’s blog search and sites such as Technorati and Alltop are also good ‘go to’ resources.


Track the success of your blogger outreach campaign


Setting up Advanced Segments in Google Analytics will help to track and measure the online activity of the blogs you are reaching out to. As an example, you could set up individual segments for parenting blogs or tech blogs.


Establishing the objective you want to achieve, before the blogger outreach campaign, whether in terms of clicks per page or conversions to a sale, will help make it clear when you have reached your goal.

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