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Content Amp announce deal with Adyoulike to create European leader in native advertising

Native technology platform and network Adyoulike announces major UK acquisition to create European leader in native advertising.

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7 things we can learn from BuzzFeed

cute cats

The hype around BuzzFeed has got content marketers’ creative juices flowing. But what exactly makes the site so moreish?

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Freshly squeezed: 5 refreshing content marketing ideas


American business magnate, investor, programmer, inventor and philanthropist Bill Gates probably said it best when he announced that “content is king”. However, what he failed to add was that content can be toppled off its throne with a regal-like thud if it fails to keep readers engaged and entertained – a la the court jesters of yore.

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A Content Marketing Guide For Luxury Hotels

Content marketing is how businesses inspire customer loyalty and capture consumer attention in the fast-paced digital landscape.

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Social media wars: Which sites are currently claiming victory?

social media

The top 20 ranking of social platforms that have seen an increase in active usage places Instagram in the top spot (+23%), followed by Reddit (13%) and LinkedIn (+9%).

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Native Advertising for Content Marketers

Native is everywhere in 2014. Get to grips with what content marketers need to understand about this revolutionary form of content promotion now.

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To kill a hummingbird: The fastest ways to ruffle the feathers of Google’s new algorithm


First there were Penguins, then there were Pandas, and now we have Hummingbirds. What does Google’s latest algorithm update mean for content marketers?

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Web content writing tutorial: Headlines


Great content? Check. Strong headline? Go fish! Why a half-hearted headline spells disaster for your content marketing…and how to reel in readers with an eye-catching title

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Photo diary: Content Amp’s stunning office mural

Do you love our new office mural as much as we do?

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Why Brands Are Going Native

Read our introduction into what Native actually is, why it is set to grow and what all marketers need to think about when formulating a Native content strategy for their business.

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