We Amplify Content

The Content Amp native content network amplifies your brand message and takes your content marketing strategy into the stratosphere. We distribute and seed branded content to native ad placements that are visually integrated, non-interruptive and content-driven ad experiences.

What is native content?

In its simplest form native content is a form of media that’s built into the actual visual design where the ‘ads’ are part of the content or the content itself. The benefits of native ads are:

  • Visually integrated within the content feed of a target site.
  • Content-based – not interruptive.
  • Contextually relevant – promotes branded content.
  • Experienced the same as other content (user-initiated).

Native ads are an opportunity for brands to promote their content and their brand message in a far less intrusive way than traditional banner adverts, while also encouraging engagement, likes and shares among a target customer base.

Why native ads?

Because they deliver results. Compared to traditional banner ads they deliver 5x – 20x better response rates. They respect user experience and the sites and context in which they are delivered. Native content ads are going to become even more powerful a medium as more brands create and publish content. They offer a great way for brands to amplify their brand story and interact with their customer base.

Download How to Win at Native: Your Definitive Guide

How to Win at Native: Your Definitive Guide