7 things we can learn from BuzzFeed

There’s a huge buzz surrounding BuzzFeed and we for one want to get to the bottom of it. Their posts encourage shares, get liked and are generally considered the golden offerings of the internet – but what exactly can we learn from the site and its unique slant on content?

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1. Same is BORING …

They say a change is a good as a rest and that is as true for your content as it is anywhere else. Our core message is to turn brands into publishers but this means everyone and their dog has an opinion to share online.

Don’t simply recreate what’s already there though – after all, same is boring! Follow BuzzFeed’s lead and bin the blog blueprints. Posts which are different, unique and engaging are what you need.

2. …But consistency is not!

Although recreating the same thing over and over again will win you no fans, some consistency is needed. Post regularly to build a reputation as a top site amongst your readers.

3. Readers are people too

Speaking of readers, knowing your audience is another vital lesson BuzzFeed has taught us. They rely heavily on popular culture to engage their target audience and generate traffic so look at what content your audience engages with most and tap into these preferences on future posts.

Experiment with different references and styles to see what gets the best reception.

4. Share and share alike

One of the biggest attractions of BuzzFeed content is that it is highly shareable but according to their own data, Facebook delivers 3.5 times more page views to their website than Google – suggesting it is sharing rather than page rank which promises success. Of course, you need a complete SEO strategy that targets all avenues but it’s important not to underestimate the role of social media.

5. Gifs are no gaffe

The merits of image based content are commonly reported but BuzzFeed have taken the style one step further to generate a winning formula. Animated gifs are used to great effect on the site and draw plenty of attention from readers. Not only do they break-up the monotony of text but they also show a little of your personality, making them anything but a web gaffe!

6. No lists, no likey!

Images and animations aren’t the only things that can win the favour of your fans. List-based posts are also a big winner so whether it’s a routine top ten or a fantastic top four, give your posts some structure and increase likes with lists.

7. Ban banners!

While banner ads have their uses, they can be a big turn-off for users. BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti explained their site “care[s] about the experience of people” that visit the site and don’t want to trick them. This is why they’ve banned banner ads. Perhaps you should too?

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